We have exterior sheet metal for all major brands and dispenser models. From valances and side panels to lower and upper door panels, PPI has the know-how and the parts to keep your dispensers looking new. We can color match your parts to comply with major brand standards. All doors and valances can be shipped with graphics installed. 

Complete your dispenser with our wide selection of materials that are built to last. All our parts are availiable in stainless steel or heavy duty powder coated.

Exterior Parts and Trim

Valance Assemblies
Select from a variety of valances designed to fit almost any dispenser. All come complete with mounting brackets and hardware. They are manufactured to OEM equivalent specifications to easily mount without any drilling or special tools. Available in durable white powder coat and in stainless steel. 

Nozzle Well Doors
Available in stainless steel, powder coated. All our doors are made with durable, long-lasting materials and formed to exacting specifications for fast and easy installation. Complete your dispenser’s look with our graphic overlays. 

Side Columns
We offer both inner and outer side columns for every dispenser. Choose from classic stainless steel or heavy-duty powder-coated in white or matched to your brand requirements. We also offer durable ABS plastic columns for Wayne Ovation pumps. All are made to OEM specifications for fast and easy installation with simple hand tools. 

Specialty Parts
We have a wide selection of specialty parts including bezels, CRIND doors, raceway covers, electrical and hydraulic cabinet covers, plexiglas display lenses, dial faces, post trim, aluminum nozzle holders, base rails and frame parts.

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