Planning a migration strategy so your company is EMV-compliant should be a top priority for all merchants. PPI can help get you there with our reman pumps and equipment.



The deadline is near

The October, 2020 deadline will be here before we know it. After this date, liability falls to businesses that haven't upgraded if the fraud was preventable with EMV technology. That could mean real losses in time, money, and your business’ reputation.


protect customers 

EMV-compliant merchants experience less fraud. Without compliance, business owners might experience issues resulting from skimming, stolen, or lost cards.

Chip card video

learn more

Check out this brief video that explains chip card technology from the EMV Migration Forum. 

PPI Solutions:  

Update your site with Remanufactured Dispensers from PPI

• EMV-compliant and site-ready
• Costs far less than new dispensers
• Fully remanufactured and warranted
• Most current models available

Update your existing dispensers with EMV- compliant payment terminals

• Installs in as little as 40 minutes per dispenser
• OPT kits for virtually all makes and models
• Fully EMV-compliant
• OPT kits include secure keypad, contactless payment, 2-D barcode scanner, secure card reader, robust printer, and multiple touch screen sizes

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