The Dispenser Difference

Petroleum Parts Incorporated (PPI) is a standout in a very small group of companies in the United States who remanufacture petroleum pumps. The benefits of buying a PPI remanufactured pump over a new or other reman pump is the perfect marriage between unbeatable quality and cost savings. Our pumps are backed by a one year warranty on parts and materials. The one year warranty is built on a foundation of meticulous attention to detail, including a 250-point inspection and quality control process. Get a glance at the process by watching the video, and check out some of the key points below. Not rebuilt. Not used. Not as-is. PPI dispensers are remanufactured from the ground up.

Tear Down

  • Remove all sheet metal and electronics
  • Degrease and clean frame
  • Remove old meters and valves
  • Install tested & rebuilt meters and valves

Old parts are replaced with tested reman or new parts.The frame is cleaned and repaired, or replaced with new where needed.


  • Clean interior electronic cabinet
  • Install buttons and electronics
  • Ensure pump can run hydraulics
  • Quality inspection

Cabinet gets overhauled back to new OEM quality. All electronic pieces are thoroughly tested at multiple points in the reman process.

100-Gallon Duoprime® Hydraulic Test

  • Calibrate meters
  • Validate no leakage of meters and valves
  • Test electronics at our in-house lab

This is a crucial step many reman providers skip, but hydraulic testing is a cornerstone of quality and accuracy that PPI provides.


  • Surface inspection & repair
  • Pre-application prep & sanding
  • Professional application of automotive grade paint
  • Quality inspection

Not only do PPI's pumps function like new, they also look new. The presentation is a big factor in customer satisfaction and a point of pride for our team.


  • Printers
  • Keypads
  • Operating software
  • Card readers
  • Operational test & quality inspection

We never stop testing for quality. During assembly, every tested part is re-tested after installation.


  • New OEM equivalent sheet metal
  • OEM Grade Graphics
  • Quality inspection
  • Wrap and ship

New sheet metal and graphics are the icing on the cake. The remanufactured pump operates and looks like new.

  • Tear Down_600x325_Matte
  • Hydraulic Testing_600x325_Matte
  • Cabinet Electronics Testing_600x325_Matte
  • Paint_600x325_Matte
  • Assembly_600x325_Matte
  • Wrap n Ship 2_600x325_Matte

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